5th Annual Trail Run

When: Saturday March 26th, 2011 (7:00 AM)

Start Time : 7:00 AM

Start/Finish Area : Picnic Area (Monte Sano 15K Start) / Picnic Area Overlook Pavilion (McKay Hollow Trailhead)

Registration Fees :
$25.00 till 3/19; $35.00 from 3/19-3/25. Online registration closes 3/19 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Those still wishing to register after 3/19 can do so by registration form at Fleet Feet Sports. Registration forms will be on hand at FF Sports.


Packet Pick-Up & Late Registration : Friday, March 25, 2010 @ Fleet Feet Sports
Fleet Feet Sports
2722 Carl T. Jones Suite 2B
Huntsville, AL 35802

Saturday Morning Packet Pick-Up : Start/Finish Area

Course Description

The McKay Hollow Madness Trail Run is roughly 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) of mostly single track trail. The course is run on sections of the Sinks, Panther Knob, Stone Cut, Mountain Mist, Goat, Warpath Ridge, McKay Hollow, Arrowhead and Natural Well Trails. This is a technical race with some difficult climbs and descents. There will be TWO aid stations: the first at O'Shaughnessy Point (~5.1 miles) and the other at the South Monte Sano Trailhead off of Monte Sano Blvd (~9.8 miles).

Time Limits : For your own safety and respect for the volunteers, there will be STRICT CUTOFF TIMES SET AT BOTH AID STATIONS (1h 45m to Aid Station #1 (8:45 a.m.) and 3h 15m to Aid Station #2 (10:15 a.m.) ). IF YOU ARRIVE AT EITHER AID STATION AFTER THE POSTED CUTOFF TIME YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE. THE FINAL FINISH CUTOFF TIME WILL BE 5 HOURS.

Medical & Aid: Medical assistance will be provided by H.E.M.S.I. There will be TWO aid stations, both full service(consult course map) at ~5.1 miles and ~9.8 miles. It is recommended that you carry at least one bottle of fluids with you the entire run. In addition be advised that limited food items will be provided at the TWO Aid Stations, so if you have any particular caloric needs you need to remember to pack it in and out.

Awards : Top Three Male and Top Three Female Overall; Top Male and Top Female Master

Race Director

Blake Thompson : (256) 990-2584, 205 Mountain Ridge Dr. Huntsville, AL 35801

Directions to Monte Sano State Park

From I-65 take I-565 East to Memorial Parkway South. Continue South on the parkway and exit onto Governor's Drive. Turn left (East) on Governor's Dr. then drive through downtown and up the mountain. Turn left (North) at the stop light on top of the mountain onto Monte Sano Blvd. Continue on Monte Sano Blvd. to Nolen Dr., the entrance of Monte Sano State Park, which will be on the right (East) side of Monte Sano Blvd. Enter the park and the race start will be on your right at the first road to your right in front of the Picnic Area Pavilion. It'll be obvious.

2010 McKay Hollow Madness PHOTOS

Sunday, March 21, 2010


The following will be the cut-off times enforced this year:

Aid Station #1: 5.11 miles (1h 45m or 8:45 a.m.)

Aid Station #2: 9.3 miles (3h 15m or 10:15 a.m.)

Finish: 14.2 miles (5h or 12:00 p.m.)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sloppy Course Measurement

No, no, no.  The course measurement was accurate, the course itself; a quagmire.  Measured out at 14.16 miles.  To those who ran this course last year, the only noticable differences in this year's route are two fold:

1)  From the start to the first trail section (North Sinks Trail) is more direct, no button hook loop, just the park road directly out to the overlook and then down the barricade road right to the trail head.  This change makes the first Aid Station slightly closer at 5.1 miles.

2)  At the top of Natural Well trail instead of taking a left onto Arrow Head Trail, continue on Natural Well out to what we're calling S.O.B. Ditch (you'll see why if you don't know already), just across the ditch will be Aid Station #2 at 9.3 miles.  After getting checked through the aid station, you'll simply turn around, re-cross the ditch and head back to the intersection of the Natural Well trail and Arrow Head trail.  Right onto the Arrow Head trail and from here the rest of the course is the same as last year.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

2010 Course Map

Essentially the same route as last year with two exceptions:
1) More direct way off the mountain at the start.
2) Added a short out and back section to a SECOND full service aid-station near the washout (a.k.a. S.O.B. Ditch) on the Natural Well Trail (close to Monte Sano Blvd).
These changes necessitated lengthening the course to around 14 miles. The MHM race magagement strongly feels that these changes will improve the quality and safety of the race for all participants without making the course significantly more difficult.

So Aid Station#1 = 5.1 Miles, Aid Station #2 = 9.3 Miles.

Map Legend:
Yellow Circles = Aid Stations
Black Circles = Start/Finish Line
Blue Line = First "half" of the course
Red Line = Second "half" of the course
Purple Line = Out and back section between course "halves."